Slowly waking up

You probably won’t be forgiving
and I’m walking towards the edge.

But better a bird without wings
than a bird with wings
inside of a cage.

-Dora EE.

22:10 pm on Friday with 8 notes

Apply one layer of makeup for the family
one for the friends
one for the person you like
one for the neighborhood 
one for the town
one for the society

Cry a few tears for yourself.

And now start all over again.

- Dora EE.

19:55 pm on Friday with 5 notes

So much space around us,
inside us
yet only one person is enough
to fill it.

- Dora EE.

9:46 am on Friday with 9 notes
sobbinginapizzabuffet: Thank you so much! You write so beautifully, it means a lot

Well then thanks to you too! :)

22:29 pm on Thursday with 0 notes

I stay in bed
a lot longer than you do.
You believe I’m sleeping
but actually I’m just enjoying.

I enjoy watching you
walk around the room.
I enjoy your lost steps
your messy hair
and your calm, deep voice.

But most of all
I enjoy making you
come back to bed.

- Dora EE.

20:38 pm on Wednesday with 10 notes
Apr 8th
+ / 8

A few times
I didn’t recognize
the words
under my pen.

A few times
I got scared
of my own words.

A few times
I was honest
to myself.

A few times

- Dora EE.

23:06 pm on Monday with 8 notes
windfucker: Predivno!

Da ti je samo znati koliko mi je ta jedna rijec uljepsala dan! Hvala!

21:33 pm on Thursday with 1 note

Not everything
reminds me of you
but I wish
it could.

-Dora EE.

19:55 pm on Monday with 4 notes
Jan 9th
+ / 5
Jan 8th
+ / 12

I want you to be my mornings
filled with your tender
kisses and touches.

I want you to be my afternoons
filled with your soothing
smiles and voice.

I want you to be my evenings
filled with your comforting
embraces and love.

I want you to be my day

I want you to by my forever.

- Dora EE.
20:39 pm on Tuesday with 13 notes

We hate one another
we fight and we hurt
but only because
we see in eachother
our own mistakes and flaws.

- Dora EE.

23:48 pm on Monday with 7 notes

There is a temptation
in our tragedy.

You were the broken flower
I could never fix
and I was the caged bird
you didn’t want to set free.

We maybe didn’t have the years
but we had the longest of hours.

-Dora EE.

22:23 pm on Tuesday with 5 notes

I found my old diaries not too long ago
and had to look at them twice.

All those childish and simple thoughts
they made me smile and wonder.

I wrote as if I were the saddest person
but still there was happiness bursting out of my pen
because I still had my dreams there.

What made me stop writing those “silly” thoughts?
When did I stop having such?
What made me believe that it was time to grow up
and also grow out of my “childish” hope?

Maybe now it’s time to change
and finally give myself another shot.

Growing up was never an option
at least not in this way.

I want to be one of those who kept writing their diaries, because they knew it was worth the time.

- Dora EE.

19:29 pm on Thursday with 7 notes